What lucky professionals do…

If you want to increase your network tomorrow – create a conversation today…

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John Charles Steinmuller

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For 39 years I have been helping small business with winning marketing and sales strategies.

This is a photo of my bride and me when we first got married. She has been with me during my pursuit of solid marketing ideas for 44 years.

She will tell you about my early experiences of selling to New Car Dealers Principals and how it taught me valuable lessons in building trust and creating long term business relationships.

After years in selling face-to-face, I began helping companies expand their reach with e-commerce businesses. Marketing online continues to be an important part of getting new customers for your business.

Today I blend those traditional sales techniques with the new marketing technologies to help you create a digital imprint. When your customers find your Dominate Selling Idea easier, you are able to get a new customer.

Let me show you how to create that conversation today that will increase your sales tomorrow…

Let me share a part of a conversation I had recently with a friend…

Interviewer: John earlier you mentioned that you were in military service before getting into business…When did you join?

John: Prior to entering the Air Force in 1967 I got married to a beautiful Italian girl. We were both just 20 years old. Then I went on to serve 4 years in Texas, California, Vietnam, and Michigan.

She was with me the whole time, except for Vietnam of course.

After the Military we moved to Ohio while I earned a degree in Advertising and Public Relations. I loved taking the night business classes because the professors were local businessmen. That’s when business as a career started to make sense to me…

Interviewer: Because you mentioned night classes I was wondering if you worked while attending college?

John: Yes I did. While attending Youngstown State University, I started my sales management career with a Recreational Vehicle manufacturer as their Marketing Manager.

I worked with guys twice my age and they taught me a lot about sales… it was such a great experience working with those sales pros… that’s when I decided sales is what I wanted to do….

After 5 years we moved to Wisconsin and I became the General Sales Manager for a another RV manufacturer. After 6 years I left that senior position to challenge myself in developing my own sales territories.

There were guys working for us that were making great money in the field (these guys were making six figures in the 70’s). I wanted to do that too.

I went on to sell to New Car Dealers…. developing dealer networks for a numerous RV companies in the midwest.

For the next 17 years I helped Dealer Owners and General Managers establish new profit centers. I taught them how to tap into niche markets without disturbing their current business.

Since I had a mortgage and a family to support I learned how to sell successfully. Traveling Chicago, Minneapolis, St Louis, and all the places in between.

Interviewer: Did you like all that traveling? Being gone from home?

John: Yes I loved it… but you miss a bunch of family stuff. When my daughters got involved with high school activities, I didn’t want to miss those things…. so I retrained myself to sell more on the telephone and use the internet to prospect.

I decided to travel less and learn how to leverage technology.

That’s when  the Internet was becoming a way for companies to develop new marketing channels. I was fascinated by this method and for next 8 years I went on to establish niche e-commerce markets for hospitals products, safety products, and web development enterprises.

I developed specific marketing programs to get closer to the customer…

What I got good at was using the traditional sales lessons that I learned from on the road selling to get results online…

Interviewer: Who inspired you back then and now?

John: When I went first went on the road selling, I was looking for ways on how to say the right things. I started listening to tapes by the great sales performers. Brian Tracy was one of my favorites and I finally got to have lunch with him a couple of times.

The guy that inspired me the most was Jim Rohn. He taught me more about business philosophy than selling. When I had a chance to spend time with him personally it was the greatest thrill of my life.

My autographed copy of Jim’s book “The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle” is one my most prized possessions.

Interviewer: Do you still study the sales trainers?

John: Yes I do. Many of the great ones and some new ones.

Interviewer: Can you share who you like now?

John: Well… there are few great ones I continue to follow. Here’s a list with no particular order that I study the most often:

Michael Masterson who is a superior marketer. Jeffrey Gitomer, Ari Galpher, Hilton Johnson are all great sales trainers who I continue to learn from.

And a new comer is Paul Castain (Sales Playbook). Actually he has been around for awhile but I believe his approach is refreshing. Dr Phil Humbert is a master business coach I keep track of because he has some solid advice.

But I also continue to have a great love of direct response copywriters …. these guys are the best salesman in print. I study them daily. The internet is the ideal medium for copywriters and that’s why I value their experience so much.

I read the seasoned copywriters like Joe Sugarman, Claude Hopkins, and follow the current ones like Ben Settle, Terry Dean, John Anghelache, Ryan Healy, Dan Gallapoo, AKA “Doberman Dan” and Marcus Allen.

…. actually my list is pretty long in this area because there are so many good writers now participating online.

Interviewer: What would be your advice for an entrepreneur or small business owner to get noticed online?

John: Well there’s a lot to talk about that… but the very first thing is to get you Dominant Selling Idea out there to the right customers. The proper message to the right market is the most important thing to do.

One way is to have a conversation like we are having right now… and have it with me.

We could tape the interview and use it on “About” part of your website and also repurpose it in your marketing collateral if you wish.

We can discuss all the ways to do that when we talk….

Equally important is to identify the customer persona of your prospects when doing this exercise. An interview is the best way to work out these strategies….

Interviewer: In closing, do you have any final thoughts?

John: Well I’m still married to the same woman happily for the past 43 years. We are blessed to have two daughters and five grand children. Life is great.

I would like to ask that you take some time to discover how I can help you get more sales. Lets find strategies to capture or gain more market share for your current business.

Just give me a call at 414-973-9461 today. I look forward to chatting with entrepreneurs small business owners, or sales professionals who want to promote their Dominate Selling Idea online.