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Here’s your #1 proven sales strategy…works every time you ask a qualifying question…

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Richard Brooke , CEO of Oxyfresh Worldwide Inc talks about ….Getting past “No”

Have you ever asked the same question over and over again and keep getting the same answer? Much like a little kid does when he wants something?

I have…maybe its because I was schooled in traditional sales for so many years.. and perhaps because I was schooled by a German guy that taught me to be persistent.

Do you feel like me that it’s crazy to be asking for the sale repeatedly?

Is that the key to getting new business?

Before I get too far in this story … I really believe you can be too “pushy” by applying pressure in your sales presentations…

I’m sure you’ve had that experience when someone used it on you. Its a negative one.

Learn the art of asking the right questions so you are not pushy. That is the solution.

Nobody likes a pushy person or sales person. Dont’ be one.

Learn how to be a professional sales person by practicing to be a pro.

The persistent part of selling anything is asking more questions to uncover any objections that need to be addressed during the conversations. Then listening for their answer and getting them the information to continue more conversation.

The great sales trainer Brian Tracy says in his book Advanced Selling Strategies says this about being persistence:

“When your customer is going slow on your offer, it is usually the time for persistence, but not insistence. It is the time for professionalism, not pressure”

What Brian Tracy is saying is that positive persistence is a course of action in spite of difficulty. Applying pressure only makes you annoying and gets no results.

When you remain professional and patient, the rewards will follow.

My wife claims that when I’m trying to sell her I’m just looking for her to answer with my predetermined answer…. And she is right. I’m asking questions to find out what the obstacles that need to be answered.

When I ask better questions at appropriate times I do get a “yes” from her.

I’m just looking for some sort of acknowledgement… I’m looking for a yes or no.

If it’s a no, I’ve got to find out the reason. So I ask more questions.

When gathering “no’s” …it does not mean that you actually get a final no…it means you are getting past the no’s to get the yes. You do this by asking and answering questions.

If you been in sales for any time, you are told that less than 4% of sales people go back to their prospect the 3rd time…. some never follow-up after the 1st time

Here are some interesting statistics compiled by the Sales & Marketing Executives Club of Los Angeles.

Number of calls to close a sale:

* 2% close on the 1st call
* 3% close on the 2nd call
* 4% close on the 3rd call
* 10% close on the 4th call
* 81% close on the 5th call

Notice that only 19 percent of the sales were closed by the fourth call. 81% on the fifth.

When you are persistent in connecting with a prospect more often… it will result in a hugeincrease in your sales volume. When I heard that… I disciplined myself to do that.

I began to find ways to continue the conversation without being pushy. The motto I embraced was this one: “The purpose of a call is to schedule another call”.

Why? Because the plan is always to connect with them 4, 5, or 6 more times. Usually after 6 times I put them a “drip” system and today I would use an autoresponder (automated email) service to stay in touch with them. Today, you can connect in variety of ways. Email, voice mail, and offline marketing all work for staying in touch. However the telephone is my preferred way if you cannot meet face to face.

Let me tell you a short story of how I developed my persistence in selling…

As I mentioned my mentor for over 20 years in business was a German guy I really admired…

He was always persistent in every thing he did..(and rich today because of it)

When you listened to him you know that he was focused on getting some kind of commitment. He wanted to move the process forward. He transferred his enthusiasm in every conversation. That’s what I mean when I use the word “persistent”.

You want to transfer your enthusiasm by asking and answering questions.

I was always amused on how he was able to flush out the serious buyer..In sales calls he would keep asking questions until the customer would bring up objections he could answer.

He strived to find common ground. I learned a lot from him. Most of it I wish I would have learned years before…. I would have made more money.

Now that I am in my 60’s I look back and realized one thing about my dear friend and mentor was that he was not going to be denied. He was never afraid of the “no”… and he would go to the well (sales speak) until it produced or he determined it was dry.

His name is Juergen Boessler and I still stay in touch with him today. When someone teaches you a lot ….you remember him.

Juergen could be clumsy in the his presentations… but whatever he promised during those conversations with the prospects…he kept his word. I followed his lead for years and he gave me strength in selling. Because when Juergen believed something you knew he really believed it.

He didn’t spill out a bunch of BS just to pump you up … he transferred his enthusiasm.

He also had your back every time he committed to something. You could bank on it. Period.

He taught me to go for the no because that meant getting closer to the yes.

Compare these statistics from the Dartnell Corporation (a leading company in sales support) from their studies of small business sales staffs.

48 percent quit following up after the first call or contact
24 percent quit following up after the second call or contact
12 percent quit following up after the third call or contact
6 percent quit following up after the forth call or contact
And 10 percent quit following up after the fifth call or contact.

Now I ask you … how many times are you willing to connect with your customer?

If you are in any type of business (yes, even the Network Marketing business) you might consider developing a chain of questions to ask during every connection.

This way you can feel confident in the process and work it properly.

Practice the questions and listen for the answers. Find out the best answers to the most often asked questions and you have a solid strategy.

Take some time right now to list those questions and the answers. After some practice you will feel confident. With confidence you will win.